12-14 May 2015, Alexandria, VA, USA


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1Sensing Techniques/MethodsGroves, KeithScintillation Nowcasting with GNSS Radio Occultation Data
2Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesPrasad, DasariAssociation of sporadic E –layer (Es-layer) with daytime VHF scintillations at Waltair, a low latitude station in the Indian sector during half a solar cycle
3Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesPrasad, DasariMulti-instrument observations of ionospheric irregularities over Indian sector during November 2011
4Sensing Techniques/MethodsBrahmanandam, P.S. On deletion of questionable electron density profiles retrieved using the COSMIC radio occultation (RO) technique
5Sensing Techniques/MethodsBrahmanandam, P.S.Long-term trends of different stability indices of Earth’s atmosphere measured using the COSMIC radio occultation technique
6Other HF Prop. Phenom.Yungang, WangCorrelation analysis between HF channel and the ionosphere gone through by HF channel link
9HF TID Detection & EffectsMcNamara, LeoDigisonde Observations at WSMR for Day 026, 2014
10HF TID Detection & EffectsReid, JosephDetection and Characterisation of Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Using a compact GPS network
13Other HF Prop. Phenom.Harris, TrevorThe DSTO Ionospheric Sounder Replacement for JORN
14Other HF Prop. Phenom.Erhel, YvonAntenna selection in a SIMO architecture for HF radio links
15Ionospheric ModelsSchunk, RobertSpace Weather Forecasting with an Ensemble Prediction System (MEPS) of Data Assimilation Models
18GNSS Performance ImpactsAbe, Oladipo E.The Storm-time Assessment of GNSS-SBAS Performance within African Low Latitude Region
19Active Ionospheric ModificationJackson-Booth, N.Recreating the effects of Artificial Ionospheric Modification observed in the HF environment; an application of numerical ray-tracing
20GNSS Performance ImpactsJacobsen, Knut S.Characterization of ionospheric disturbances and their relation to GNSS positioning errors at high latitudes
21HF TID Detection & EffectsFridman, SergeyAssimilative Model for Ionospheric Dynamics Employing Delay, Doppler, and Direction of Arrival Measurements from Multiple HF Channels
22Natural Hazard DetectionHaralambous, HarisInvestigation of earthquake signatures on the Ionosphere over Europe
23Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesSu, Shin-YiOn Seasonal/longitudinal Distributions of Post-midnight Quiettime Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities
24GNSS Performance ImpactsPaul, AshikImpact of multi-constellation satellite signal reception on performance of SBAS under adverse ionospheric conditions
25High & Mid-Latitude IrregularitiesEltrass, AhmedAnalysis and Modeling of Mid-latitude Decameter-Scale Plasma Wave Irregularities Utilizing GPS and Radar Observations
27GNSS Performance ImpactsPurohit, P.K.Ionospheric Irregularity Influences On GPS Time Delay
29Prop Theory/Scint ModelsHuang, ChaosongModelling the zonal drift of equatorial plasma irregularities and scintillation
30HF TID Detection & EffectsColeman, ChristopherThe Simulation of a Disturbed HF Channel
31Sensing Techniques/MethodsGentile, LouiseC/NOFS and the Air Force Research Laboratory's Thermospheric Research and Reentry EXperiment (T-RREX)
32Active Ionospheric ModificationKunitsyn, VyacheslavRadiotomographic imaging of the artificially disturbed midlatitude ionosphere with the CASSIOPE and Parus satellites.
33Storms & Anomalous ConditionsGulyaeva, TamaraStatistical Investigation Of Ionospheric Storm And Substorm Events Using GEC And AE-Index
34High & Mid-Latitude IrregularitiesNikitina, LidiaAnalysis of the geomagnetic variations and GPS scintillations over the Canadian auroral zone
36Sensing Techniques/MethodsBernhardt, PaulGlobal Measurements of the Ionosphere with the CARINA Satellite Flying Between the E- and F-Layers
37High & Mid-Latitude IrregularitiesMezaoui, HichemCharacterization of the Ionospheric scintillations at high latitude using GPS signal
38Prop Theory/Scint ModelsKnepp, DennisMultiple Phase Screen Calculation of Two-way Spherical Wave Propagation in the Ionosphere
39Active Ionospheric ModificationBriczinski, StanRecent Advances In Stimulated Electromagnetic Emission Observations with HAARP HF Heating
40Active Ionospheric ModificationBernhardt, PaulThe Largest Ionospheric Disturbances Produced by the HAARP HF Facility
41Ionospheric ModelsCarter, BrettA New Prediction Capability for Post-sunset Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
42HF TID Detection & EffectsHelmboldt, JosephIonospheric Disturbances Observed with the VLA Ionospheric and Transient Experiment (VLITE)
43Ionospheric ModelsShim, Ja SoonAssessment of the predictive capability of IT models at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center
47Storms & Anomalous ConditionsOsherovich, VladimirTime delay between Dst index and Magnetic Storm Related Structure in the solar wind
48Other HF Propagation PhenomenaRogers, NeilAssimilative Real-time Models of HF Absorption at High Latitudes
49Storms & Anomalous ConditionsAstafyeva, ElviraOpposite hemispheric asymmetries in the ionospheric F- and topside regions observed during the geomagnetic storm of 29-31 August 2004
50Active Ionospheric ModificationKotik, DmitryGround based measurements of ionospheric turbulence manifestations induced by the VLF transmitter
51Active Ionospheric ModificationGrach, C.M.Preliminary results of the artificial periodic irregularities excited by the НААRP HF heater
52Sensing Techniques/MethodsZakharenkova, IrinaLEO GPS measurements to study the topside ionospheric irregularities
53Sensing Techniques & MethodsAlizadeh, MahdiSpace geodetic techniques for remote sensing the ionosphere
55Prop Theory/Scint ModelsRino, CharlesReconciling Two-Component Power-Law Spectra
56Storms & Anomalous ConditionsBenson, RobertHigh-Latitude Topside Ionospheric Vertical Electron-Density-Profile changes in response to Large Magnetic Storms
58High & Mid-Latitude IrregularitiesMushini, SajanOn the effect of “patchy pulsating” aurora and auroral arcs on GPS signals
59HF TID Detection & EffectsNickisch, L. J.Assimilative Modeling of Ionospheric Dynamics for Now-casting of HF Propagation Channels in the Presence of TIDs
60Sensing Techniques/MethodsWang, YongliData Services Upgrade: Perfecting the ISIS-I topside digital ionogram database
61Ionospheric ModelsGalkin, IvanGAMBIT Database and Explorer for Analysis of Real-Time IRI Maps of F2 Layer Peak Height and Density
62Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesZewdie, Gebreab K.MELISSA observations of F-region irregularities
63Active Ionospheric ModificationMcCoy, RobertThe Future of the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
64Ionospheric ModelsKlimenko, MaximLongitudinal, UT-, and LT-variations in the F region ionosphere and plasmasphere at minimum of solar and geomagnetic activity: similarities and differences
65Other HF Prop. Phenom.Haralambous, HarisHF spectral occupancy over the eastern Mediterranean
66Storms & Anomalous ConditionsChen, YanhongThe observation and simulation of the ionospheric response to CIR-induced geomagnetic activity on April 4, 2005
67Sensing Techniques/MethodsVemuri, Satya S.Weighted Quasi-optimal and Recursive Quasi-optimal Satellite Selection Techniques for GNSS
68Storms & Anomalous ConditionsSathishkumar, S.Mesosphere and ionospheric responses during sudden stratospheric warming events at low and high solar activity
70HF TID Detection & EffectsBelehaki, AnnaCharacteristics of large scale travelling ionospheric disturbances exploiting ground-based ionograms, GPS-TEC and 3D electron density distribution maps
71HF TID Detection & EffectsBelehaki, AnnaPilot network for identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances
72Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesRay, SarbaniGPS Scintillation effects as observed from a location beyond the anomaly crest in the Indian longitude sector
73Active Ionospheric ModificationYampolski, YuriInvestigations of the HAARP radiation propagating along the super long radio paths (review)
74Active Ionospheric ModificationGrach, SavelyArtificial ionospheric perturbations studied during НААRP May-June 2014 campaign
75Sensing Techniques/MethodsRice, DonaldExpanding the Topside Sounder Digital Data Collection
76Active Ionospheric ModificationNajmi, AmirTheoretical studies of fast stochastic electron heating near the upper hybrid layer
77Sensing Techniques & MethodsSojka, JanCan the IGY Global Ionosphere be Recovered?
78Active Ionospheric ModificationMilikh, GennadyStudies of the Ionospheric Turbulence Excited by the Fourth Gyroharmonic at HAARP
79Other HF Propagation PhenomenaWarrington, MikeNear real-time input to an HF propagation model for nowcasting of HF communications with aircraft on polar routes
80Other HF Prop. Phenom.Klimenko, MaximCalculations of the ionospheric response to the geomagnetic storms and their impact on the HF radiowave propagation
81Active Ionospheric ModificationFu, HaiyangStimulated Brillouin Scattering During Electron Gyro-Harmonic Heating at EISCAT
82GNSS Performance ImpactsBeniguel, YannickMONITOR2: ionospheric monitoring network in support to SBAS and other GNSS and scientific purposes
83Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesKhadka, SovitRelations Between The Equatorial Vertical Drifts, Electrojet, GPS TEC And Scintillation During The 2008-09 Solar Minimum
84Active Ionospheric ModificationVartanyan, AramGeneration of Whistler Waves by Continuous HF Heating of the Upper Ionosphere
85Active Ionospheric ModificationSato, HiroatsuGNSS probing of local ionospheric disturbances in high latitude
86Ionospheric ModelsMcDonald, SarahSAMI3/WACCM-X Simulations of the Ionosphere during 2009
87Active Ionospheric ModificationYampolski, YuriStimulated plasma emission at the second harmonic of the pump wave
88Other HF Prop. Phenom.Didebulidze, G.Formation and behavior of Es layers under influence of AGWs evolving in the horizontal shear flow
89HF TID Detection & EffectsHuang, XueqinComparing TID Simulations Using 3D Raytracing and Mirror Reflection
90Ionospheric ModelsScherliess, LudgerThe USU-GAIM Data Assimilation Models for Ionospheric Specifications and Forecasts
91Prop Theory/Scint ModelsHuba, JosephElectrostatic Reconnection in the Ionosphere
92Sensing Techniques/MethodsKaratay, SecilSeasonal, Equinox and Solstice Variations of the Ionosphere over Turkey
93Sensing Techniques/MethodsDymond, KennethApplications of Image Space Reconstruction Algorithms to Ionopsheric Tomography
94Active Ionospheric ModificationRuddle, JohnExpanding the Frequency Resolution of TOA Analysis Applied to ELF/VLF Wave Generation Experiments at HAARP
95Sensing Techniques & MethodsBudzien, ScottFull-Orbit Ultraviolet Ionospheric Tomography and Applications
96Ionospheric ModelsDymond, KennethValidation of Ionospheric Models using COSMIC TEC Measurements
97Sensing Techniques/MethodsDymond, KennethValidation of Special Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager (SSULI) Ionospheric Tomography using ALTAIR Incoherent Scatter Radar Measurements
98Active Ionospheric ModificationMoore, RobertExperimental Observations of ELF/VLF Wave Generation Using Optimized Beam-Painting
99HF TID Detection & EffectsGaussiran, ThomasHF Signal Geolocation versus Ionospheric Structure: An Engineering Solution Approach
101Sensing Techniques/MethodsKunitsyn, VyacheslavIonospheric structures detected by radio tomography during the geomagnetic disturbances
102Active Ionospheric ModificationSiefring, CarlFirst Results from the 2014 Coordinated Measurements Campaign
103Sensing Techniques/MethodsKunitsyn, VyacheslavGNSS-Based Radio Tomographic Studies of the Ionosphere at Different Latitudes
104Active Ionospheric ModificationSheerin, J. P.Experimental Studies of RF Generated Ionospheric Turbulence
105Natural Hazard DetectionKaraboga, TubaA Statistical Study On Earthquakes And Ionospheric F2 Region Critical Frequencies
106Other HF Prop. Phenom.Zabotin, NikolayA Study of Thermospheric Gravity Wave Activity Based on the Analysis of Tromsø and Wallops Island Dynasonde Data
107Sensing Techniques/MethodsBishop, RebeccaGPS Occultation Density Observations Associated with the Midnight Temperature Maximum
108GNSS Performance ImpactsAltshuler, EricScintillation Characterization for WAAS during Solar Maximum
109GNSS Performance ImpactsCherniak, IuriiStudy of the ionosphere irregularities caused by Space Weather activity on the base of GNSS measurements.
110GNSS Performance ImpactsObrou, OlivierImpact of the Avril 5, 2010 geomagnetic storm on GPS positioning accuracy at Yamoussoukro
111HF TID Detection & EffectsZawdie, KatherineIonospheric Raytracing with MoJo
112Storms & Anomalous ConditionsThomas, EvanIonospheric Storm Effects in GPS Total Electron Content
113Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesYizengaw, EndawokePost-midnight Bubbles Longitudinal Dependence
114HF TID Detection & EffectsValladares, CesarObservations of MSTIDs at low and mid latitudes
116Natural Hazard DetectionSondhiya, Deepak K.Wavelet analysis of an Ionospheric foF2 parameter as a Precursor of Earthquakes using Ground based Techniques
117Storms & Anomalous ConditionsUgwu, Ernest B. I.Solar Wind Turbulence As A Driver Of Geomagnetic Activity
120Active Ionospheric ModificationCaton, RonaldIncoherent Scatter Observations of Artificially Enhanced Ionosphere during the AFRL Metal Oxide Space Cloud Experiment (MOSC)
121Prop Theory/Scint ModelsCarrano, CharlesA Strong-Scatter Theory of Ionospheric Scintillations for Two-Component Power Law Irregularity Spectra
122Prop Theory/Scint ModelsCarrano, CharlesInferring Zonal Irregularity Drift from Single-Station Measurements of Amplitude (S4) and Phase (Sigma-phi) Scintillations
123Storms & Anomalous ConditionsGoncharenko, LarisaSpatial and temporal extent of ionospheric anomalies during sudden stratospheric warmings in the daytime ionosphere
124Storms & Anomalous ConditionsGoncharenko, LarisaDeep ionospheric hole created by sudden stratospheric warming in the post-midnight ionosphere
125HF TID Detection & EffectsCoster, AntheaMonitoring Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances With a Global Mobile Device Network
126High & Mid-Latitude IrregularitiesCoster, AntheaAnalysis of Antarctic Scintillation Measured at McMurdo and South Pole Station
127Equatorial Scint & IrregularitiesMorton, Yu (Jade)Characteristics of High-latitude and Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillation of GNSS Signals
128Natural Hazard DetectionKomjathy, AttilaRecent Developments in Understanding Natural-Hazards-Generated TEC Perturbations: Measurements and Modeling Results
129HF TID Detection & EffectsNickisch, L. J.Feasibility Study for Reconstructing the Spatial-Temporal Structure of TIDs from High-Resolution Backscatter Ionograms
130Other HF Prop. Phenom.Furman, WilliamWideband HF Channel Availability – Measurement techniques and Results
131Ionospheric ModelsDymond, KennethImproving Ionospheric Specification and Forecasting: Making the Next Steps
133Prop Theory/Scint ModelsChartier, AlexThree-Dimensional Modeling of High-Latitude Scintillation
134Other HF Propagation PhenomenaOgunmodimu, O.A new model for predicting Radio absorption
135Other HF Propagation PhenomenaSingh, MalkiatFootprints of Space Weather Coupling and the ROTHR System
136Active Ionospheric ModificationPedersen, ToddEmpirical modeling of plasma clouds produced by the Metal Oxide Space Clouds (MOSC) experiment
137Active Ionospheric ModificationSharma, SurjaLow Frequency Waves in HF Heating of the Mid-Latitude Ionosphere
138HF TID Detection & EffectsBust, GaryNew Methods of Characterizing Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances using GNSS Measurement
139Other HF Prop. Phenom.Haron, StevenHFGeo Signal Processing for Emitter Detection and Localization
140Active Ionospheric ModificationJoshi, DevHF Propagation results from the METAL OXIDE SPACE CLOUD (MOSC) Experiment
141GNSS Performance ImpactsMcNeil, WilliamA Look at GPS Positioning in Solar Cycle 24
142HF TID Detection & EffectsGroves, KeithPredicting HF Signatures with GPS
143HF TID Detection & EffectsCrowley, GeoffWave Analysis of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) in GPS TEC Launched by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
144Sensing Techniques/MethodsAzeem, IrfanFirst Measurements of Equatorial Ionospheric TEC and GPS Scintillation from an Unmanned Marine Vehicle
145Plenary SessionGopalswamy, N.The Mild Space Weather in Solar Cycle 24
146Plenary SessionGoodman, JohnIonospheric Research Perspectives and Challenges: 1975-2015
147Active Ionospheric ModificationBernhardt, PaulA Physics Based Model of the Ionization of Samarium by the MOSC Chemical Releases in the Upper Atmosphere
148Ionospheric ModelsKnipp, DeloresA fast, parameterized model of upper atmospheric ionization rates, chemistry, and conductivity
149Missions and Data ServicesStraus, PaulCOSMIC-2: A Platform for Advanced Ionospheric Observations